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Our passion is furniture – comfortable, back-saving furniture - and our vision is to create and deliver products that offer an exceptional combination of comfort, quality and unsurpassed value.


With our Scandinavian base and heritage, we develop and produce comfortable seating solutions for daily use. As a manufacturer, IMG is uniquely positioned to fulfill your needs. We produce most all of our components and parts in our own facilities, controlling the process from design to delivery.

We locate our operations to achieve the best possible cost base and, at the same time, ensure superior quality and outstanding service. This allows us to offer the best values on quality recliners and sofas.

IMG Norway pursues perfection through attracting experienced people and partners who share our vision and love of furniture. We try to create an atmosphere of inventiveness and optimism – with a relentless drive to improve and create better tomorrows. It never ends. You can never stop innovating and improving. That’s a belief we’ve built our company on. And we’re dedicated to applying that philosophy to everything we do. IMG Norway’s headquarters is located in the Sunnmøre area of Norway – famous for its steep mountains and deep fjords as well as the production and development center for Scandinavian comfort recliners.

Cold cure molded foam technology and wood lamination are two examples of typical Norwegian and Scandinavian techniques; innovations we have mastered and utilize to create our unique furniture.


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Built to last.

Three words describe our manufacturing difference: BUILT TO LAST! There are no shortcuts to producing the very best seating. Designing for ultimate comfort is one thing, but using only the highest quality materials is another. Get both with IMG. Each and every chair and sofa meets or exceeds the international standards set by BIFMA and Norsk Mobelfakta which makes us responsible members of the global manufacturing community for improving the environment.

All products and components are produced entirely by our own production facilities – including steel, foam and wood.

Our vision is to manufacture truly comfortably high quality furniture - through combining the best of the past with continuous improvements as we pursue perfection.

We are devoted to manufacturing high quality furniture components and furniture products for customers who appreciate quality, comfort and functional design. This is something we undertake with care, with love and with great pride throughout all steps in the production process.

Furniture should last for years and stand the test of time. IMG has therefore implemented a world-class quality management system and all our products have been quality and strength tested to at least meet the standards set by BIFMA, GS TUV and Norsk Mobelfakta. 

We show great respect for good craftsmanship and leave our mark on every single piece of furniture – of the person who last handled it. This mark is the fingerprint of a proud producer and is also your guarantee that the furniture from IMG is built to last.


We start with the needs of the people we design for.

Each and every product IMG Norway makes is entirely produced within our own production facilities. This provides the necessary control to assure the standard of quality that is our hallmark. Specifically, we employ our own team of seating engineers and exhaustively test each design for durability, stability and effortless function, while maintaining the integrity of the basic eye-pleasing aesthetic. At IMG Norway form must not only flow with function, it must surpass any previous seating experience.

When we design we start with understanding the needs of the people we design for. The human body is the pattern for every piece of our furniture. We study the human body so we can develop and deliver furniture for daily use that balances creative design with comfort, health and space efficiency.

Most of our products are designed from the inside out by our highly integrated team of Norwegian designers and engineers. Strength, durability, stability, effortless function, beauty and endless comfort are the guiding star for all our products.

Our vision is to create and deliver products that offer an exceptional combination of comfort, quality and unsurpassed value. Through this web page we hope that you can see that our vision has become a reality - value, engineering excellence, a strong contemporary aesthetic and complete comfort.



Designed and engineered from the inside out.

Within every chair, every sofa — everything we offer is our passion for excellence. By excellence we mean that craftsmanship and comfort are equally essential to everything we offer. We start by designing all of our seating from the inside, out. In doing so we artfully combine the science of ergonomics with old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. This technology includes our unique mechanisms, cold-cured molded foam, lamination and welded steel frames. Although the core of our product development is Norwegian, the scope of what we offer is both broad and “international” — that’s why the word is in our name.


Fillings and Molded Foam

As with all interiors of IMG furniture, the choice of material is selected to ensure optimum performance. Each type of filling is individually assessed to provide the correct style and comfort for each model. Most of our product designs are based on cold cured molded foam cushion technology.

Cold cured foam molding is a process where the individual items are produced by injecting foam chemicals into specially shaped molds that allow the foam reaction to take place within the molds themselves. Through this process, molded foam parts will provide a better contour to the shape of your body. This is the key to our ability to design and manufacture unique and comfortable products that are ergonomically correct.

Building furniture components of molded foam element also gives significantly improved durability compared to other technologies. This type of foam will hold its shape and it allows for infinite design possibilities. Incredible longevity.

In cases where other foam and filling techniques are utilized, we always make sure the filling is soft and pliable so the furniture adapts to the individual’s body shape and as such, also provides optimal comfort.



Most of our products and components are based on laminated wood construction technology. Utilizing a process called Ultra-Sonic wood lamination creates strong frames and allows us to create graceful designs.

The key to our ability to design and manufacture unique products with laminated wood components