Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Does a Good Night’s Sleep Depend on What’s in Your Mattress?

Where do you find the truth in advertising?

 Getting a good night’s sleep is hard work. Your caffeine intake, daily routine and ability to handle stress all contribute to sweet dreams – or a restless night. But your mattress also plays an important role and knowing what’s in your mattress and how it affects healthy sleep is equally important. 

If you’re chasing a bullet-proof sleep solution, it’s time to learn how the components of your mattress contribute. Latex can be natural or manmade (refers to whether it’s harvested or manufactured) but it can also be convoluted or Talalay (refers to the processing). To make things more complicated, there can be combinations of all these variables, which make it virtually impossible to compare between brands. 

Inner spring mattresses are equally confusing with the number or springs, quality of the steel and pocket encasement – or not. Nothing about mattress shopping is simple…

Making mattress shopping less confusing

 At Ergo, we work with manufacturers that support transparency in advertising. Michael Nermon, President of Ergo is the vice-chairman of the Specialty Sleep Association(SSA). The SSA, a volunteer association of mattress manufacturers and retailers, provides consumers with information to improve informed mattress buying decisions. Reading through the site will help you understand what to look for in a mattress – before you begin shopping.

 Earlier this year, the SSA released a mattress labelling system that makes it easier to understand the environmental differences of the components that make up a mattress. The labeling system, which has three unique levels has been voluntarily adopted by all the manufacturers involved.

 Have you ever thought about what’s under in your mattress and how it contributes to healthy sleep? If you’re curious how the SSA can help you find answers that lead to your best sleep solution, visit their “How to Choose a New Mattress,” page. Buying a new bed is no different than buying a new car or a new cell phone – there’s a learning curve attached.

 If you want to see the SSA labels in real life, visit our retail space in Irvine or our newly opened showroom at the Las Vegas Design center. At Ergo Customized Comfort, we’re here to help.

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Secret to Swedish Health, Their Beds

The top of a Swedish bed stays fresh and plush

There has been increased interest in “Swedish” mattresses. The lines that have made their way to the US are Duxiana, Hastens and Carpe Diem. They share a very distinctive plush feel. The primary reason for the distinctive plushness is that they all share the “top mattress” design. It is a 2-4 inch separate pillow top. Since it is not connected to the main mattress you get an immediate response that cannot be duplicated by any other pillow top technology. The origin of the “top mattress” is due to the harsh long dark winters that they experience in Sweden, everything in their homes would get musty. The Swedes have always known that if they brought out their household items into the sun, when they experience their short summer, the sun would freshen everything up. They did not know the scientific reason was that sunlight is a source of UV radiation, which is used by hospitals and modern air purifiers to disinfect. They just knew that it worked. Bringing out an entire mattress was not practical, but a top layer was relatively easy to remove and brought out into the sun to be aired and freshened. They also noticed a huge collateral benefit of this separate top layer, what was to become the “top mattress”, it gave the overall sleep system a unique plush and more responsive feel, since it was not restrained by the main mattress. Another reason for the plush responsive feel of the Swedish mattresses is that they utilize 2 or more layers of coils on top of each other. There is a very small percentage of “conventional” mattresses that utilize a coil on coil system. That would be the few that still utilize coils in the “box spring”. But the coils in those rare true “box springs” are very stiff and aren’t as responsive as the base coils in the “Swedish” lines. An exception would be Vi-Spring from England that does utilize pocketed coils in their “divan”, box spring.

How do you tell one Swede from another?

So what are their differences? Duxiana utilizes a responsive continuous coil technology. One wire essentially makes up an entire coil layer. And depending on the model, there can be up to 3 layers of coils. The two possible disadvantages of this coil technology is that most experts consider the individually wrapped pocketed coil to have better overall response and that a continuous coil transfers movement through the entire mattress, where a pocketed coil isolates movement. Both Hastens and Carpe Diem utilize the pocketed coil technology. Hastens, means horse in Swedish. They utilize as their cushioning components, natural fibers, the primary one being horse hair. Horse hair is very durable, and relatively resilient. Duxiana and Carpe Diem utilize some natural fibers but the main cushioning component is natural latex. Latex is incredibly resilient, no maintenance is required. Fibers, no matter how resilient, will over time and with extended use, mat down and compress. They will need some fluffing and “massaging” to get them to recover. There is one other mattress that is referred to as a “Swedish mattress”, Tempur-pedic, but that is another story for another time.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Top 3 Sleep Solutions for Back Aches

An ergonomic bedroom = a good night’s sleep


In the organic structure of your body, your brain is the head honcho, your blood and breath the cash flow and your back that employee who’s always late for work, complains about everything and rarely meets deadlines. Since you can’t fire your back, try our top 5 strategies for micromanaging it instead.

Don’t swallow your solution, sleep on it

Difficult employees rarely go away quietly and your back is no different. Instead of trying to mask the problem with medication or hot packs, pay attention to everything that causes pain – such as certain movements, chairs or your bed.


Desk jockeys know that they need a supportive, ergonomic chair to survive 8 hour stretches of sitting. Since we all spend more time in bed than we do anywhere else, looking closely at your bed is a smart first step.


  • Is your mattress more than 7-10 years old?
  • Does it have any noticeable sags or lumps?
  • Do you wake up with a sore back more than a couple of times a week?


If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, it’s time to get serious about finding a back and sleep solution – a new mattress. But before you start shopping, you’ll have to look even closer at your current mattress.

Listen to the complaints

Can you pinpoint the exact point of pain in your back (or shoulder or legs) when you’re lying in your own bed. Try different sleep positions and focus on those pain points, feeling how they shift as you move. Then start bed-testing – at a store.


“To truly understand what you want from a new bed, you have to understand where your old bed is failing to deliver,” says Michael Nermon, owner of Ergo Customized Comfort and vice Chairman of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA).

Try different solutions

Finding the right bed for your body means a lot of mattress testing. What’s right for you may not be right for the salesperson standing in front of you. Take the information you gathered from your own mattress and apply it to the ones you’re testing.


  • Use the same pillow for each bed you test. If you eliminate the distraction of different pillows (with different feels), you’ll be able to focus on the mattress.
  • Narrow in on those pain points again. Apply the same positions you did at home on your old mattress and compare the feel.
  • Involve your partner. If you share your bed with someone, make sure they’re doing everything you’re doing so you find the right bed for both of you.


Are you ready to put that bad back to bed for good? After you’ve done the at-home testing, come visit us at Ergo and we’ll help you find the right solution for you – and back.


Ergo Foundation with a European slat suspension system. Each slat flexes independently so the bed customizes itself to whoever is lying on it. Suspensions are adjustable from the chest to the knees, where your body needs it most.


Oxygen Pillow. A uniquely styled pillow, your head will be realigned with your spine depending on where you apply pressure the most.  What’s more, it adjusts throughout the night as you move so waking up with a sore neck is just a distant bad dream.


Ergo Adjustable Bed. Lifting the legs and bending the knee slightly allows your lower back muscles to relax and release tension. As well, pressure is taken off the heart so your pulse can self-regulate and let you enjoy a deeper, more healing sleep.


Are you desperately seeking relief from an aching back? Leave your questions or comments below or visit our Facebook community for more info.